2020 Game Changers

Video Tips

Practice. Practice. Practice. Record tests long before the event. Figure out how close your subject should be to the camera/phone to get adequate sound. Play it back and test again.

Hold Phone SIDEWAYS When Shooting.

portrait vs landscape

Shoot Your Subject So She Is Eye-Level With The Camera Lens. Don’t shoot from above or below, unless you are going for an unconventional effect.

Think Of Your Background. The best backgrounds will show where you are and will help tell your story.

Lighting. Make sure the sun is not directly behind you, or else you’ll get a dark silhouetted look.

Minimize background noise. Turn off radios, televisions, and other background noises, and avoid chewing gum during your selfie or interview.

Mix up the perspective when shooting b-roll. B-roll footage is supplemental video footage you can capture in addition to or instead of interviews (like shots of members canvassing). Make sure to capture an event from a variety of angles. And don’t be afraid to get in close.

Hold b-roll shots for at least 10 seconds. If you are shooting b-roll visuals make sure to hold the shot steady for at least 10 seconds. Your video editor will sing your praises.