2020 Game Changers

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Find an Event

You can find events on candidate’s websites, by joining their email lists, and in your local newspapers.

Step 2: Find a Partner

As they say, “pics or it didn’t happen!” You’ll need at least 1 person to come with you to the event to record you in action. This person can be a coworker or a family member, or a first date!

The bigger the team, the better: Ask your co-workers to join you and spread the word that you’re forming a team. If you don’t have a partner, contact your local union to help recruit others to partner with you.

Step 3: Set Team Roles

Role: The Activist
The more of these you have, the better. Activists show up at events where the candidate will be, hold signs, chant, leaflet, and ask the candidate questions to get them on the record.

Role: The Recorder
Records everything that happens. A phone camera will work just fine. See video tips.

Role: The Reporter
Shares the video and photos out on social media after the event. Uploads photos and videos here along with a brief post. Shares the info with local reporters if possible.

Step 4: Choose your Question(s)

In your team, frame your question ahead of time and get the wording so that there’s a clear demand. Use these sample questions to help you prepare.

Step 5: Prepare Your Action

Make sure each person knows their role in advance and has everything they need, including recording equipment (probably your smartphone).

If you can, have multiple speakers ready to get in position to ask the question.

Print or make signs. Purple up and show your union pride! Click here to order t-shirts for your action.

Step 6: Attend the Event and Take Action

Arrive early to stake out microphones. Stay late to try to meet the candidate one-on-one and ask more questions.

It’s important to show your passion and also be polite and respectful.

Step 7: Report Back and Plan Your Next Event

Post your best photos and video clips from your action on social media. If your video is long, try to edit down to just the best minute or two. Most smartphones allow you to easily trim a video clip down. Remember to use the hashtag #UnionsForAll and to tag the candidate, SEIU, your local union, or your campaign. Find more ideas and sample posts here.

In addition to posting on social media, use this form to upload your best photos and videos or email them to 2020gamechangers@seiu.org. You may see them on SEIU's website or Facebook page! Continue monitoring events for more chances to engage presidential candidates.


During the Event