2020 Game Changers

Sample Questions for Candidates

It’s important to be ready to ask your question(s) before arriving at the candidate event. If you already know what you want to ask the candidate, you’re all set! If not, take a few minutes to review the topics below and choose a question that resonates with you. We recommend putting the question in your own words. It can also be helpful to write your question down.

Unions for All

The opportunity to join a union — no matter where you work — is the best way to raise wages, improve working conditions, and make it possible for us to provide for our families.

1. How will you use your executive, regulatory, and legislative authority to throw open the doors for millions more workers to join unions and do you think we should have the right to reach citywide or industry-wide agreements?

2. What would you do to hold corporations accountable to pay their fair share and pay their workers a living wage?

Fair Taxes and Corporate Accountability

Right now, major corporations like McDonald’s and Amazon are not paying their fair share of taxes or being held to account for low pay, sexual harassment, and poor working environment.

1. How will you work to ensure that profitable companies like Amazon pay their fair share in taxes?

2. How will you get the CEO of McDonald’s, the 2nd largest corporation in the world, to sit down with fast food workers across America to create more union jobs?

3. How will you help workers hold corporations accountable for sexual harassment and abuse?


1. What is your proposal for ensuring all Americans can get the healthcare they need at an affordable price? How will you make sure that the healthcare industry, and others that receive government funding or support, aren’t contributing to low wages and working standards in our country?

2. What are your plans to fix our long term care system so that both people who need care and those that provide it are able to survive?

Structural Racism

Black people and other communities of color have been locked out of opportunities for a living wage, quality healthcare, workplace protections, and equitable education throughout history and even now. They/we are disproportionately targeted by corporate polluters and an unjust criminal justice system.

Do you agree? If so, what are three policies or actions you will take as president to acknowledge and dismantle structural racism?


President Trump is trying to divide us, using cruelty and chaos to keep the issue of immigration constantly at the top of the news. Immigrants are not our problem – they are our coworkers.

1. While we find a more permanent solution so that immigrants already in the U.S. can earn a fair shot at becoming citizens, will you pledge to treat immigrants humanely and to reduce arrests, detentions, and deportations of ordinary immigrants?

2. Businesses small and large rely on people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to sustain their workforces. What will you do to permanently help people who came to the US after fleeing violence and are worried about their/our ability to stay here?

Higher Education

How will you fully fund our colleges and universities and ensure teaching jobs are good union careers instead of poverty-wage jobs and that students have the opportunity to learn without being trapped under mountains of debt?

Environmental Justice/Climate Change

Our coworkers and our families are suffering from both climate crisis and increased pollution. Thousands have lost or suffered damage to homes from hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Our children's health is at risk from poor air and water quality.

How will you take immediate, bold action to address climate change and hold corporations responsible for pollution while creating good, union jobs?

Wages, Airports

Airport jobs used to be good union jobs until greedy airlines rigged the rules against workers, taxpayers, and passengers. To fuel their $35.5 billion in profit, airlines undermined their contracts with unions and contracted those jobs out to the lowest bidder—often irresponsible contractors that cut corners on wages, benefits and safety. Airlines outsourced 95% of baggage handler jobs and cut their wages in half. Now airlines are using contractors that sometimes pay $2.13 to workers who are unfairly labeled as ‘tipped’ workers.

How will you stop this race to the bottom? What will you do to make sure airport workers are paid at least $15 an hour and have the right to form a union?

Child Care

Working families in America are struggling, in part, because of a lack of accessible, affordable, quality childcare.

How will you expand childcare providers' voice and pay while also expanding families' access to affordable, quality childcare?