What's at Stake

Unions for All

Issued a rule change attacking roughly 800,000 home care workers’ ability to use common paycheck deductions for health insurance contributions, union dues, and other expenses.

Relaxed responsibility for companies like McDonald’s over their franchises. Under the new rule, fast food and other franchise workers face new obstacles to forming unions and raising wages.

Appointed a Labor Board that systematically rolled back workers’ rights to form unions and engage in collective bargaining with their employers.



Environmental Justice and Climate Change









Retirement Security

Our Vision

We believe that all working people should be able to retire with dignity. Everyone should have access to a retirement savings plan at work and all working people should be covered by Social Security, including people who provide homecare and other jobs that have often been excluded.

What's at stake

President Trump promised to protect retirement security for working people but instead he has pushed for:

Looking ahead

We need national leadership to strengthen Social Security, shore up pension benefits, and expand access to workplace-based retirement savings plans so all working people can retire with dignity.

federal employees would not receive the full pension benefits they earned if Congress passed the Trump administration’s plan
million people currently depend on Social Security including 8.5 million disabled workers and 4.2 million children