2020 Presidential

Debates and Forums

Watch Party Checklist

Before Your Event
  • Check when the next debate will be on seiu2020.org/debates. Some debates may be held during two consecutive days; if so, choose which night you’ll host your event (or if you’re up for it, both).
  • Schedule your party to start no less than 30 minutes before the debate starts so people have time to settle in and meet one another.
  • If you can’t host the event at your home, explore using your local union office, a community center, or a local restaurant or business.
  • Decide whether you’ll provide snacks and drinks or whether you’ll ask guests to bring some.
  • We’ve got you covered with a sample agenda!
  • Set a goal for how many people you want to attend.
  • TIP: Invite double the number of attendees you actually want to show up, since not everyone you invite will be able to attend.
Day Before Event
  • Be sure to print out a bingo card for each guest and to have some extras on hand.
  • Use our sample reminder language and be sure to tell them to bring a friend!
During the Event
  • Post and tweet photos and video from your party. Remember to tag @SEIU, @FightFor15, and your guests and use the hashtag #UnionsForAll.
After The Event
  • Fill out a quick online form at http://l.seiu.org/debatereport and we’ll send you cool swag!