2020 Presidential

Debates and Forums

Sample Agenda

30 mins before debate starts

Welcome your guests as they arrive. Introduce them to one another and give them each a debate watch bingo card.

15 mins before debate begins

Share your story about why economic and racial justice matter to you and why you’re committed to Unions for All.

10 mins before debate begins

Invite your guests to introduce themselves with an ice-breaker (“what brought you here?”)

During the debate

Encourage folks to play Debate Watch Bingo and to post their thoughts and pictures on social media as they watch.

Retweet content from @SEIU and @FightFor15.

Post and tweet photos and video from your party. Remember to tag @SEIU, @FightFor15, and your guests and use #UnionsForAll.

5 min after the debate

Lead an open discussion about the debate. Start by sharing what you heard about how candidates spoke about economic and racial justice and unions. Pose questions to the group, such as:

  • How well did the candidates address the issues that matter most to you?
  • What do you wish you heard but didn’t?
  • What can we do to ensure that candidates know what issues matter to us?

Some important points:

  • This should be an open and positive conversation about the candidates, where everyone feels safe about voicing their opinions and asking their questions.
  • Everyone should have the chance to speak and be treated with respect. A healthy debate is good – but keep things respectful!
After guests leave

Let us know how it went by filling out this quick online form at http://l.seiu.org/debatereport and we’ll send you cool swag!