Wayne Messam
Wayne Messam

Wayne Messam is the two-term Mayor of Miramar, Florida and an owner of a construction company.


Supports expanding healthcare to every American, and has committed to proposing his own plan.


Supports reform of our immigration system from top to bottom to make sure our country is not only safer but more inclusive of immigrants. That includes a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and comprehensive immigration reform that re-establishes a fair and orderly immigration process.

Climate Change

Says he supports the “urgency” and the “end goals” of the Green New Deal, but would propose his own plan.

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Messam Proposes Plan to Drastically Reduce Student Debt

As part of a larger education plan, Messam proposed a one-time cancellation of existing student debt through a combination of forgiving federal loans and repayment of private loans by the federal government.

Messam Promotes Plan to Cancel All Student Debt

Messam’s top priority is to solve the student loan crisis by cancelling all student debt. Messam says that in addition to rising healthcare costs, “this crippling student loan debt that 44 million Americans are dealing with [is] slowing down our economy.”

Messam Touts Support for Affordable Healthcare

Messam supports a plan that would "provide access to health care to all Americans."