Seth Moulton
Seth Moulton
Member of Congress

Seth Moulton is a three-term congressman from Salem, Massachusetts and a veteran of the Iraq war.

Unions and Workers

Supports the Fight for $15.


Would achieve universal health coverage by creating a public option, which would co-exist with current insurance options.


Supports comprehensive immigration reform that curbs illegal immigration while providing legal status for immigrants who follow the law and contribute. In Congress, he voted along with all other House Democrats in favor of legislation to provide a permanent solution for DREAMers and people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Climate Change

Cosponsors the Green New Deal and believes the creation of green jobs is vital to fight climate change.

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Moulton Supports a Public Option to Achieve Universal Healthcare

In an interview about his views on healthcare, Moulton said, "We need to have a public option of a Medicare-like option, although I think we can do better than a plan designed in 1963. I don't want to force anyone off their private plan if they want to keep it."

Seth Moulton Proposes Expanded Mental Health Care for Veterans

Moulton touted his plan to improve mental health services for veterans and others after revealing he sought treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder as a former combat Marine.

Moulton Announces Effort to Address Climate and Student Debt Crises in One Plan

Moulton is proposing a plan to address both climate change and college affordability that would ask young Americans to commit to civil or military service in exchange for investment in their higher education and future job training.

Moulton Explains Plan for Universal Healthcare

Moulton believes “every American should have access to good affordable health care” but he doesn’t think anyone should be forced off of their private insurance which is what he says would happen under a Medicare for All plan.