Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is serving his second term as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve and is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

Unions and Workers

Buttigieg's plan for working people would allow workers to join together industry-wide to negotiate wages and benefits, allow state and local governments to find new ways to give workers power, and put our taxpayer dollars to work to support more good union jobs. He would also expand access to collective bargaining for workers who are currently excluded.

Joined striking McDonald’s workers on the picket line in South Carolina in June.

Supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.


Supports achieving universal health care coverage by creating a public option that would compete with private insurance and create a glide path to Medicare for All, a single payer system.


Supports comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants inclding DREAMers, resources to end legal immigration backlogs and asylum delays, and reasonable security measures at the border. He also pledges to end the family separation crisis and evaluate the immigration enforcement agencies to prevent its recurrence in the future, and to restore immigration enforcement priorities instead of arbitrary immigration enforcement.

Climate Change

Supports taking urgent action to combat climate change, calling the issue a national security threat. Supports the Green New Deal.

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Buttigieg Releases Healthcare Plan: Medicare for All Who Want It

Buttigieg released his healthcare plan, which would offer a public option and increase subsidies for private insurance.

Buttigieg Advocates for His Plan to Expand Healthcare Coverage

At the Democratic debate, Buttigieg again touted his healthcare plan that would expand coverage by allowing people to buy into Medicare or keep their private insurance. He does not support Medicare for All.

Buttigieg Releases Climate Plan To Achieve Net-Zero Emissions By 2050

Buttigieg unveiled his climate plan that aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, saying "We must channel all of our energies into a national project — one that unifies every American, from big cities to rural communities, around this urgent threat and seizes the tremendous opportunity of a new era of climate action.”

Buttigieg Releases Plan to Expand Access to Healthcare in Rural Communities

Buttigieg’s plan would offer Medicare coverage to “all who want it” and would invest in the healthcare workforce to recruit and retain caregivers.

Buttigieg Releases Plan to Combat Gun Violence, White Nationalist Terrorism

Buttigieg released a plan to reduce gun violence and combat white nationalist violence in the aftermath of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Buttigieg Campaign Criticizes Lawsuit Against South Bend Targeting Program Helping Undocumented Immigrants Get IDs

Calling the lawsuit filed by a conservative organization a “political stunt that is intended to scare immigrants,” the Buttigieg campaign touted the success of South Bend’s Community Resident Card initiative--a first of its kind program that makes it easier for immigrants to do things like pay a water bill or access public libraries.

Buttigieg Proposes That Gig Workers Should Be Able to Unionize

"There are people in the gig economy who go through more jobs in a week than my parents went through in their lifetime," Buttigieg said at the Democratic debate. "That’s why I propose that we allow gig workers to unionize because a gig is a job and a worker is a worker."

Buttigieg Releases Plan to Raise Wages, Secure Working People’s Freedom to Form Unions

He promised to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and noted that union membership has dropped dramatically in recent years, due to companies putting pressure on workers to prevent them from forming unions at all, ultimately eroding the bargaining power of working people across the board.

Buttigieg Unveils a Proposal to Shore up Social Security

Touting the importance of social security, Buttigieg said he plans to shore up the program by increasing the annual wages subject to the tax used to fund the program to $250,000 compared to the current cap of $132,900.

Buttigieg Says “Medicare for All” and Plans to Make Public Colleges Tuition-Free Are “Questionable”

In an interview about his views on healthcare and education, Buttigieg said, “Just flipping a switch and saying we’re instantly going to have everybody on Medicare just like that—isn’t realistic.” [...] “I think that when it comes to a lot of these policies that we’re being pushed to do—say that we can pay down the last penny of tuition for any student including the child of a billionaire -- these are things that are questionable on their merits.”

Buttigieg Says Workers in the Gig Economy Should Be Able to Unionize

Buttigieg said, “We can no longer have a system that rests on the assumption that you’re going to spend your life as a lifelong employee of a single employer... And fixing that, including making it possible also for gig workers to unionize, I think is going to be really important.”

Buttigieg Calls for “More Just” Healthcare System Following Man’s Death Caused by Rationing Insulin

After a man died in Minnesota due to rationing insulin needed to control his diabetes, Buttigieg called for a more just system, saying, “Jesimya is dead because America is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t treat health care as a human right. I will fight for a fairer, more just health care system—and I'll do it with Jesy in mind.”

Buttigieg Releases Detailed Racial Justice Plan

Buttigieg proposed a Douglass Plan to address racial justice issues by “increasing federal funding for historically black colleges and universities, increasing investments in minority-held depositories and mandating 25% of government contracts go to minority-owned businesses.”

Buttigieg Proposes Plan Focused on Improving Prosperity in the Black Community

Buttigieg’s plan aims to reduce the overall prison population and sentencing disparities through criminal-justice reform. The plan also would ban voter-ID laws and “[ensure] that potentially discriminatory changes to voting laws first be reviewed by the Department of Justice.”

Buttigieg Plans to Join Striking McDonald’s Workers in South Carolina

Buttigieg spoke to McDonald’s workers to support their fight for $15 and a union.

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