Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a best-selling author and lecturer.

Unions and Workers

Supports a universal basic income.


Supports universal health coverage through a Medicare for All plan.


Supports the creation of a path to citizenship for all law abiding, productive immigrants in the U.S., including DREAMers, plus reduction in the number of immigrants in detention, speeding up the asylum process, and expansion of due process for those facing deportation.

Climate Change

Supports the Green New Deal, halting new fossil fuel projects, and investing in clean power sources.

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Williamson Supports Medicare for All and a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

Williamson backs a Medicare for All model to achieve universal healthcare and she supports a “full path to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants with no criminal record.

Williamson Believes in a “Civilized Path to Citizenship”

In an interview about immigration Williamson said, “we are criminalizing behavior that is not criminal. Seeking asylum is a statutory right. It is not a crime.” If elected President, she also pledged to end the Trump administration’s family separation policy and to provide better treatment for migrants arriving in the United States.

Williamson Seeks to Address College Loan Crisis, Climate Change, Universal Healthcare and More

The self-described “straight-line progressive Democrat” has supported a $15 minimum wage, universal healthcare and resolving student debt. She also wants the United States to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord and supports the Green New Deal as part of a long-term goal of transitioning away from fossil fuels.

Williamson Supports Increasing Federal Investment in Combating Climate Change

“[Climate change] is the greatest moral challenge of our lifetimes. I’d rather pay with money now than pay with our inability to breathe 25 years from now or 50 years from now….If you hear that your house is on fire, you don’t get to say I don’t know if we can afford the damage to the house. It’s on fire. And that’s what’s going on here. There’s an urgency and emergency to this issue of climate crisis.”

Williamson Wants to Increase the Minimum Wage, Create a Universal Basic Income and National Savings Program

Williamson supports an increased minimum wage, workers’ right to form unions, paid family and medical leave, equal pay and a universal basic income, which would grant $1,000 a month to American adults. She has also proposed a universal savings program seeded with a cash gift deposited from the federal government into a fund at birth. The federal government would match contributions made by family and friends on a sliding scale, based on a family’s income.

Williamson Pledges Billions in Reparations for Slavery

Williamson promises to address racial justice as President, including a $100 billion slavery reparations plan that would be administered through a council appointed to allocate the money to economic and educational projects.