John Delaney
John Delaney
Former Member of Congress

John Delaney is a former three-term Maryland congressman, a businessman, and an attorney.

Unions and Workers

Supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and believes all workers have the right to join unions.


Would achieve universal health coverage by creating a federal public plan that would enroll everyone under 65 years of age, after which they would enroll in the current Medicare program.


Supports comprehensive immigration reform that creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and DREAMers, investment in high tech solutions and increased security personnel, and reform of guest worker programs. He has spoken out against Trump’s immigration enforcement policies.

Climate Change

Says he would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement on Day 1 of his presidency. Proposes a plan to “reduce emissions in time to avoid the worst consequences of global warming.” Does not support the Green New Deal.

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Delaney Argues for a Universal Healthcare System Where Americans Can Choose Private Insurance

At the Democratic debate, Delaney advocated for choice when it comes to healthcare. “We can create a universal health care system to give everyone basic health care for free, but we don’t have to take away people’s private insurance.”

Delaney Vows to Stop Family Separation, Opposes Decriminalizing Border Crossings

Delaney says that given the surge in migrants at the border, he thinks Congress should pass a law to stop family separation rather than decriminalizing border crossings.

Delaney Touts Universal Healthcare Proposal with a Public Option

Cautioning against Medicare for All proposals, Delaney touts his support for a plan to achieve universal healthcare by allowing people to keep private insurance while offering a public option to everyone up to the retirement age.

Delaney Touts Plan for Universal Healthcare

Delaney has criticized Medicare for All and has issued his own universal health-care proposal.

Delaney Releases Plan to Address Climate Change

Delaney’s climate plan would put a fee on carbon emissions that would be paid to taxpayers in the form of dividends.

Delaney Discusses his “Commitment to Black America”

Delaney told MSNBC, “How we fund public education in this country is inherently socially and racially unjust.” His proposal includes federal funding for start-up incubators at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, ending the use of cash bail at the federal level and increasing funding for body cameras for police officers.


Delaney Touts his Education Plan

Delaney supports providing universal pre-K, free community college and career and technical training.