Joe Biden
Joe Biden
Former Vice President

Joe Biden served as Vice President under President Obama from 2008-2016. Previously, he served as U.S. Senator from Delaware for 36 years.

Unions and Workers

Supports a $15 minimum wage and making it easier for workers to form unions.


Has proposed expanding access to healthcare by building on the Affordable Care Act and creating a federal public option that would co-exist with employer-sponsored and other private insurance.


Believes we need reform that addresses the root causes of migration and secures our borders.

Climate Change

Introduced the Senate’s first climate change bill in 1986. Supports the Green New Deal.

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Biden Criticizes Trump’s Handling of the Economy and Slowness to Respond to COVID-19

Biden argued that Trump’s slowness to respond to the growing pandemic cost lives, cost jobs, and has made it harder for the economy to rebound.

Biden Pledges to Introduce Comprehensive Immigration Reform on First Day in Office

Distancing himself from the Obama administration’s deportation efforts, Biden committed to introducing a comprehensive immigration reform plan on his first day in office.

Biden Says Trump’s Coronavirus Strategy Presents a False Choice

Biden penned an op-ed arguing that instead of unifying the country and coordinating a strong public health response, President Trump has focused on blaming others, dividing Americans and making false claims about the effectiveness of the federal response.

Biden Calls for $13 Minimum Wage Increase for All Frontline Workers

Biden announced support for an immediate $13 minimum wage increase for all essential employees on top of their current salaries so they can support their families as they work through the public health crisis.

Biden Assails Big Corporations Seeking Out-Sized Support from the Federal Coronavirus Stimulus

Biden criticized the federal coronavirus stimulus packages, calling big companies and banks “greedy as hell” and demanding a larger stimulus that prioritizes support for teachers, police officers and firefighters.

Biden Releases Plan to “Reopen America”

Biden penned an op-ed arguing for continued social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, large-scale testing, and ensuring hospitals have the staff and resources to care for patients.

Biden Announces Support for Lowering the Medicare Eligibility Age and Forgiving Some Student Debt

Biden adopted two new policy positions: lowering the eligible Medicare age from 65 to 60 and forgiving student debt for low- and middle-income borrowers who attended public colleges or private historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and private, underfunded minority-serving institutions.

Biden Criticizes Trump for Misleading Americans About the Virus

Biden says Trump has not told Americans the truth about the virus and that his response has been “behind the curve.”

Biden Adopts Warren’s Bankruptcy Plan Which Includes Student Debt Forgiveness

Biden says he supports Elizabeth Warren’s bankruptcy plan which makes it easier for people to go through bankruptcy and allows for student loan forgiveness.

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