Joe Biden
Joe Biden
Former Vice President

Joe Biden served as Vice President under President Obama from 2008-2016. Previously, he served as U.S. Senator from Delaware for 36 years.

Unions and Workers

Supports a $15 minimum wage and making it easier for workers to form unions.


Has proposed expanding access to healthcare by building on the Affordable Care Act and creating a federal public option that would co-exist with employer-sponsored and other private insurance.


Believes we need reform that addresses the root causes of migration and secures our borders.

Climate Change

Introduced the Senate’s first climate change bill in 1986. Supports the Green New Deal.

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Biden Proposes Raising Taxes on Corporations to Fund Healthcare, Climate and Education Priorities

Biden released a new plan that would raise taxes on corporations by $1 trillion to invest in healthcare, climate, infrastructure and education.

Biden Unveils Plan to Address Violence Against Women

Biden’s plan would build on the Violence Against Women Act he sponsored as Senator 25 years ago. The new plan would improve support and financial help for survivors and includes specific protections for transgender women of color who have faced an epidemic of violence.

Biden Unveils Plan to Invest in Infrastructure

Biden says his new infrastructure plan would create jobs and reduce carbon emissions by repairing roads and investing in transit and high-speed rail.

Biden Garners Support for His Plan to Create a Public Health Insurance Option

Biden rallied supporters in Iowa around his plan to expand healthcare coverage by establishing a public health insurance option.

Biden Unveils a Higher Education Plan That Includes Two Years of Free Community College

Biden proposed a higher education plan that would guarantee two years of free community college tuition. The plan would also reduce student loan obligations, especially for people with jobs in public service.

Biden Says His Healthcare Plan is Better for Union Members

Biden told union members, “I have a significant health care plan. But guess what? Under mine, you can keep your health insurance you’ve bargained for if you like it,” Biden said. “If you don’t, you can move it, and you can buy into a public plan.”

Biden Touts Climate Plan That Aims for Carbon Neutrality by 2050

At the climate town hall, Biden laid out his climate plan that he says would create net-zero emissions by 2050.

Biden Argues Medicare for All Will Hurt Union Members Who Bargain for Healthcare

Biden has made the case that Medicare for All would be bad for union members because it would take away the health insurance they’ve bargaining for in their contract. Others argue that if union members already had coverage under Medicare for All, they could focus their bargaining efforts on wages and other important priorities.

Biden Holds Trump Accountable for Rhetoric in Aftermath of El Paso Mass Shooting

Biden spoke in Iowa about white nationalism and directly addressed President Trump’s conduct, saying he has “fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation” and has “publicly and unapologetically embraced a political strategy of hate, racism and division.”

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