Bill Weld
Bill Weld
Former Governor

Bill Weld is a former two-term Republican governor of Massachusetts, an attorney, and a writer. He was the Libertarian Party’s 2016 vice-presidential nominee and he is challenging President Trump in the Republican primary in 2020.

Unions and Workers

Vetoed minimum wage hikes in Massachusetts and reduced investment in public services.


Increased access to Medicaid while Governor of Massachusetts and opposes repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Has not taken a clear position on universal coverage and opposes Medicare for All.


Has been sharply critical of President Trump’s immigration policies, contrasting his vision of America as a melting pot with Trump, who, he says, “it seems … would prefer an Aryan nation.” Weld supports some form of legal status for immigrants living in the U.S. He also supports an increase in work visas for educated immigrants.

Climate Change

Believes the US should rejoin the Paris agreement. Does not support the Green New Deal.

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Weld Talks to Voters About His Plans to Address Climate Change

Weld supports more clean air initiatives, power sources like wind and solar, and investing in nuclear power, which he says could provide up to 25% of the power on the grid to supply electricity nationwide.

Weld Supports Investment in Wind, Solar and Nuclear Power to Combat Climate Change

Weld pushed for more clean air initiatives and new investment in power sources like wind, solar, and nuclear power. He believes nuclear power alone could provide up to 25% of the power on the grid to supply electricity nationwide.

Weld Supports a Healthcare Plan that Focuses on Individual Choice and Involves Less Government Regulation

On healthcare, Weld believes “individuals should have their own tax-advantaged health savings accounts so that they can save up for the amount of protection that they wanted.”

Weld Says Trump Would Prefer an Aryan Nation

Delivering a sharp critique of Trump’s immigration policy and rhetoric, Weld said he "celebrate[s] that America has always been a melting pot."

Weld Pledges to Address Racial Bias in Criminal Justice System

Weld supports recent sentencing reform passed by Congress and wants to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences. Drawing on his experience as a prosecutor, Weld wants to address racial differences in arrests and sentencing that exist throughout the U.S. justice system.


Weld Promises to Allow Americans to Buy Prescriptions from Other Countries

Weld favors lowering the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Americans to buy drugs from other countries with lower prices. He also supports the expansion of insurance coverage and other parts of Obamacare.


Weld Supports Action on Climate Change, Investments in Renewable Energy

Weld Supports Action on Climate Change, Investments in Renewable Energy Calling climate change a “threat to our nation,” Weld promises to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and match other industrialized countries’ goals to limit carbon emissions by 2050. He also supports investment in and expansion of renewable energy technologies.

Weld Opposes the Trump Administration’s Immigration Policy

“I think the president's stance on immigration is nothing short of shameful. It's political sloganeering and grandstanding, and the president says he's a nationalist….A nationalist is someone for whom hatred of other nations is the touchstone. A patriot is someone for whom love of your own country and your own people is the touchstone. So, I'm totally on the other side from Mr. Trump, as a moral matter there.”

As Governor, Weld Expanded Medicaid Coverage

In addition to requesting increased Medicaid funding as Governor of Massachusetts, Weld increased coverage for low income citizens by easing the restrictions to qualify in the state.

Weld, Historically Opposed to Minimum Wage Hikes, Claims Current Wage too Low

While Governor of Massachusetts, Weld vetoed minimum wage increases multiple times. Although he still favors non-governmental approaches to raising wages, he recently told voters in Vermont that the current federal minimum wage is too low.