Amy Klobuchar
Amy Klobuchar
U.S. Senator

Amy Klobuchar is a three-term U.S. senator from Minnesota and a former county prosecutor.

Unions and Workers

Klobuchar’s plan for working people would put our taxpayer dollars to work to support more good union jobs.

Supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and making it easier for workers to form unions.

Attended the National Forum on Wages and Working People on April 27.


Supports universal health coverage through a public option. Has sponsored a federal public option that would co-exist with employer-sponsored and other private insurance.


Supports comprehensive immigration reform that includes the DREAM Act, border security, and an accountable path to earned citizenship. She has spoken out against the Trump Administration’s child separation policy.

Climate Change

Taking urgent action on climate change is a top priority of her candidacy, including cutting greenhouse gas emissions and investing in green jobs and infrastructure. Cosponsors the Green New Deal.

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Klobuchar Speaks to Union Members About Expanding Voting Rights

Klobuchar met with union members in Florida to talk about her commitment to making it easier for people to vote and make their voices heard.

Klobuchar Attacks Sanders’ Medicare for All Plan Because It Would Eliminate Private Insurance

At the Democratic debate, Klobuchar criticized Sanders’ Medicare for All plan, saying “While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill and on page 8... it says that we will no longer have private insurance as we know it.” She added, “I don’t think that’s a bold idea. I think it’s a bad idea.”

Klobuchar Releases Plan to Combat Climate Change, Aiming for Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

Klobuchars unveiled her climate plan that aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and focuses on ensuring that the U.S. participates in the Paris Climate Accord.

Klobuchar Addresses Union Members, Focuses on Infrastructure Expansion

Klobuchar spoke to union members about the need to roll back tax breaks on corporations to invest in infrastructure expansion that will create good union jobs.

Klobuchar Touts Support for Free Community College and Refinancing Student Loans

Klobuchar, speaking to AFSCME members at a public services forum, highlighted her support for making higher education more affordable and criticized some plans floated by her opponents that would cover free college for anyone.

Klobuchar Discusses Her Plans to Improve Unions Rights

Klobuchar met with women labor leaders at the Women’s Leaders Rising Forum across the Midwest. “The first thing you need to do is make it easy for people to organize,” Klobuchar said.

Klobuchar Introduces Legislation to Allow Married Couples to Qualify for Medicaid without Depleting Savings When Caring for an Ill Spouse

A new bill introduced by Klobuchar would make “spousal impoverishment protections” permanent for Medicaid-covered home- and community-based services. Without passage of this or a similar bill, the protections put in place 30 years ago to ensure that married couples have access to Medicaid--without having to completely deplete their savings--are set to expire.

Klobuchar’s Plan for Seniors Aims to Secure Retirement Options and Lower Drug Prices Under Medicare

Klobuchar’s plan for seniors would “lift the Social Security payroll cap, create a portable personal savings account requiring a minimum employer contribution and push to let retirees keep their earned pensions.”

Klobuchar Unveils Plan to Address Medical Needs of America's Aging Population

Sen. Amy Klobuchar unveiled a plan to provide a cure and treatment options for some of the most aggressive chronic conditions facing the country's elderly population, including Alzheimer's disease, by 2025.

Klobuchar Outlines Plan to Make Higher Education Affordable

Klobuchar supports expanding Pell grants and making two-year community college free but does not back plans to make all public college free because she believes it’s not affordable.

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