Essential workers voted for Biden and Harris

And we won't stop fighting until every vote is counted

Time after time, President Donald Trump has sided with corporations over working people and stoked divisions based on race and ethnicity. Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a proven record working for and with working people for economic, racial, immigrant, and environmental justice. He has a plan to make it easier for millions of workers to join unions, and has committed to working with us to break down the systemic racism and exclusion that keeps working families and our communities from getting ahead.

SEIU members are proud to support Joe Biden for President, and we’re ready to turn our outrage, energy, and hope into votes.
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Path to Endorsement

SEIU members have organized and made our voices heard from the very beginning of this presidential election to put the issues that matter to our families front and center – and we’ve made a real difference. We worked hard to make sure every candidate heard from us and, in turn, that every SEIU member had the chance to hear from the candidates.

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